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Teknologi Komunikasi dan Informasi

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Network Infrastructure

we provide

local area and internet connections

Data Center Management

keeps our knowledge into the right vaults, by maintaining

physical servers, virtualization and cloud hosting

Security System

ensures safety and security in the workplace

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Video Surveillance System

we use video surveillance cameras to help monitor every corner of our workplace

Access Door

we use RFID-based access door system to secure our workplace

Other RFID Solutions

we also use RFIDs to enhance daily activities such as library automation and attendance system

ICT Assets Management

supplies cutting-edge tools for better productiveness

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Academic Activities

we support academic activities by distributing and maintaining

LCD Projectors, Sound Systems and Fingerprint Readers

Personal Working Equipments

Need something to work? We'll provide you

a PC or a laptop (for lecturers), RFID card and others (HDMI cables, laser pointers, etc)

Other Peripherals and Licenses

to increase our working capacity, we also provide ...

Printers, Scanners, Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Office 365

Collaboration Framework

helps you stay connected and even more productive

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we use an Exchange-based mail server to provide e-mail and calendar suites.


we use Samba-based file sharing server to provide filesharing system.


Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

we provide IP-based telephone system that allow us to switch calls between enterprise users on local lines.

Video Conference

we use Microsoft Teams to host a conference session.

Information Systems

enhancing business process by transforming information into valuable knowledge.

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Information System Development

we develop and maintain information to support back-office activities.

Asset Management, Finance/Accounting, and Human Resource


Project Management, Repository Hosting and Bug Tracking Tools

we provide Phabricator to host, develop and maintain our projects.

Static Code Analysis

we provide SonarQube to analize your code quality.

Continous Integration Tools

we provide automation server using Jenkins.

and there are others ...


we do have rules, to keep our works tidy and accountable

thank you